HBLC April 4-6, 2018

Health & Benefits Leadership Conference 2020 Session Tracks

HRE’s Health & Benefits Leadership Conference features a robust program with various session formats, cutting-edge content and the actionable insights you need to achieve maximum employee retention and success at your organization. More than 45 session options are organized in 8 focused tracks — making it easy for you to customize your learning experience to meet your needs.

Hot Benefits to Attract and Retain Talent  NEW!
From family-friendly perks to caregiving and education assistance, you’ll get a look at the latest innovative benefits that are driving recruitment and retention efforts.
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Rethinking Healthcare in Changing Times  
Amid ever-increasing healthcare costs and a rise in chronic conditions, find out how employers are taking matters into their own hands and finding solutions that are transformational for their employees and their companies.
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Keeping Employees Engaged
Benefits don't start and end with open enrollment. Get the most out of your benefits slate by learning fresh strategies to keep your workers informed and engaged all year around.
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Helping Employees Boost Financial Health  NEW!
Making sure employees are physically healthy is important, but so is making sure they are financially healthy as well. Explore how companies are implementing financial wellness programs, rethinking retirement strategies and taking aim at employees’ financial stress.
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Improving Employees’ Overall Well-Being
Wellness is a hot benefits trend, but how do you know if you're getting the most out of your program? Hear how top employers are structuring their well-being efforts to focus not only on physical health, but on mental and emotional health as well.
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Being a Better Benefits Leader
HR is all about creating a happy and healthy workforce, but you may not always have the time and resources you need to do the job effectively. Get inspired by ideas on improving work-life balance, taking aim at burnout and other ways to do the best job for your employees — and yourself.
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Staying Compliant NEW!
Benefits and HR leaders must stay up to date not only on the latest trends, but the regulations and compliance issues that affect their benefits decisions and how they deliver solutions. Make sure you have the most up-to-date information you need to do your job effectively.
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Tech Solutions That Work
Technology is touching and bettering every aspect of our lives — and benefits is no exception. From AI to gamification and smartphone apps, explore the ways tech can help engage employees and improve health.
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