Stay Tuned for HBLC 2023 Program Details

The pandemic upended every aspect of work, and smart employers continue to turn to health and benefits to keep their employees healthy, safe and engaged in today’s new world of work. With dozens of relevant and timely in-depth sessions, the 2023 Health & Benefits Leadership Conference is where you’ll gain the expert insight and innovative solutions to help your organization thrive by cultivating loyalty, reducing turnover and winning talent. We’re currently working on developing our next agenda and will post details once available!

Just Some of Our 2022 Program Highlights

Keynotes That Inspired and Enlightened
Ginger Zee
Ginger Zee
ABC News Chief Meteorologist,
New York Times Best-Selling Author,
Mental Health Advocate

The Mental Health Crisis:
Time for Action

COVID-19 changed everything and the pandemic continues to drive a dramatic decline in employee well-being. Hear Ginger Zee speak about her mental health struggles, the state of employee mental health, and how you can support your workforce through the current crisis and beyond.
Dave Pilson
Dave Pilson
Vice President, Total Rewards, Upwork
Kimberly Paris
Kimberly Paris
Regional HR Strategic Director,
Penn State Behrend,
Pennsylvania State University

The COVID-19 Benefits Revolution:
What Have We Learned? What’s Next?

During the pandemic, smart employers enhanced and rolled out new resources and programs to help their employees as the workforce relied on benefits more than ever. Conference Chair Kathryn Mayer will lead a discussion with HR leaders on how benefits (and HR leadership) have evolved, what will change post-pandemic, and how lessons learned can prepare HR for the next crisis.
Visionary Icon
Featuring Industry Visionaries

Ideas & Innovators

This perenially top-rated session will inspire you with “big ideas” from those leading industry innovation. In fast-paced, five-minute presentations, you’ll discover creative new ways of thinking about your benefits programs and what you can do to ensure they continue to thrive.
Suze Orman
Suze Orman
One of America’s Most Trusted Personal Finance Experts
Devin Miller
Devin Miller
CEO & Co-Founder, Secure

Reimagining Financial Security in a
Post-COVID World

What will financial security look like post-COVID? How can you help your employees save for financial independence and retirement? What’s at stake? Suze Orman, joining via livestream, and Secure’s Devin Miller will discuss it all and elaborate on the popular trend of employer-sponsored emergency savings accounts.
James Klein
James Klein
President, American Benefits Council

What to Know About Benefits Policy
in 2022

Washington insider James Klein will examine the legislative issues most important to benefits and HR leaders including healthcare, paid leave and retirement. You’ll learn what’s at stake for employer plan sponsors, where healthcare costs are headed and what public policy changes might be coming in the future.
Carrie Bevis
Carrie Bevis
Managing Director of Communities,
Chair of Employee Well-Being Exchange, i4cp

Empowering Employees to Own Their
Well-Being Working From Wherever

Offering flexible work policies helps your company retain top talent and makes recruiting easier. But on its own it isn’t enough. Carrie Bevis will acquaint you with invisible micro-stressors that can quickly deplete your workforce, especially in a hybrid environment, and share techniques and programs to support employee well-being no matter where your workers are located.
Powerful In-Depth Mega Sessions

The Missing Piece in the EAP
and Benefits Puzzle

Mental health and substance misuse and abuse has been a growing, silent problem among employees, and has only intensified during the pandemic. What can be done? In this session, you’ll learn how education, EAPs, benefit programs and more can combat addiction that may be lurking in your workplace.

Next Steps: How Benefits Can Address Racial Inequity

A panel of experts will dive into how racial disparity impacts people’s experiences with their health and retirement planning and what employers can do to help. They’ll share tangible actions you can take to address racial disparities when designing your benefits offerings and ideas for how to drive positive change.

Helping Employees Coping With
Long-Haul COVID

Scores of workers are suffering from “long-haul” COVID-19 that has already led to an increase in disability claims, employee absences and financial stress and will undoubtedly have a long-term impact on the workplace. Discover the significance of this emerging epidemic as well as how employers can and should help.

Expanding Role of the Benefits Broker and What It Means
for Your Strategy

A panel of senior benefits leaders will discuss ways a benefits broker can and should help you enhance your benefits programs to better support your employees and respond to today’s biggest workplace challenges — from talent acquisition to employee
emotional well-being.
7 Focused LearningTracks
Improving Mental Health

Improving Mental Health

Discover how companies can support employees by fostering resilience and controlling burnout amid a mental-health crisis in the workforce.
Managing Remote Workers

Managing Remote Workers

Find out how to engage, manage and encourage an exploding number of full- and part-time remote employees.
Rethinking Healthcare

Rethinking Healthcare

Hear transformational solutions to combat rising costs, COVID-19 and neglected chronic conditions for employees and your organization.
Hot Benefits to Retain Talent

Hot Benefits to Attract
& Retain Talent

Discover how to use innovative benefits as a tool and to create a purposeful culture to attract and retain workers in today’s talent war.
Staying Compliant

Staying Compliant

Gain insight on the latest regulations and compliance issues that affect your organization’s health and benefits decisions.
Finding Financial Security

Boosting Employee Financial Health

Explore how companies are implementing financial wellness programs, helping employees build emergency savings, rethinking retirement strategies and helping alleviate employees’ financial stress.
Tech Solutions That Work

Tech Solutions That Work

Explore how to drive employees’ benefits engagement and strengthen your company’s values and culture with the help of technology.

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