Keynotes on the Most Pressing Issues
Facing HR/Benefits Leaders Today

The 2021 Health & Benefits Leadership Conference will feature 7 compelling keynotes in addition to another 40+ sessions over the course of 3 days. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to take a front row seat to hear influential voices discuss crucial topics with potential big impact on your employee health & benefits strategies — and all from the comfort of your office or home!
Day 1 | Tuesday, May 11

11 a.m. ET

The Caregiving Crisis:
Why Company Leaders Should Step Up

Joan Lunden Author, Television Host, Caregiving Advocate | Watch Joan's Special Message
Caregiving has long been a challenge faced by both employees and employers. Millions of workers struggle to cope with the emotional, physical and financial challenges posed by caring for their loved ones. And for employers, employee caregiving responsibilities translate into billions of dollars in lost productivity and increased healthcare costs. Add in the COVID-19 pandemic, with school closures and eldercare access issues, and the crisis is worse than ever. Join former “Good Morning America” co-host Joan Lunden as she details her experiences — and challenges — caring for her children, aging mother and sick brother, all while working full time, and why she has spent years advocating for better caregiver support and family-leave laws. You’ll learn why HR and business leaders can no longer afford to ignore this problem and what can be done to address it.

4 p.m. ET

2021’s Big Challenge:
Getting Workers Vaccinated

Carol Morrison Senior Research Analyst, Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) Tonie Lyubelsky, Senior Director, Corporate Total Rewards, ELKAY
Although widespread vaccination is vital for overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic, hesitation and reluctance remain high among many workers. Organizations are left figuring out how to encourage their employees to get vaccinated, with education campaigns, incentives and even mandatory inoculation all on the table. Where do employers stand now? What strategies can organizations use to overcome employees’ concerns and resistance to vaccinations? Carol Morrison and Tonie Lyubelsky will address these questions as well as issues that should be top of mind as we look ahead.
Day 2 | Wednesday, May 12

11 a.m. ET

How Benefits Can
Address Racial Inequity

Moderator: Jennifer Benz Senior Vice President, Communications Leader, Segal Benz Jessica Brooks, President & Chief Executive Officer, Pittsburgh Business Group on Health
Andrea Trudelle, Former Global Benefits Director at NVIDIA and Box
In 2020, social awakening and nationwide protests put a spotlight on our country’s racial disparities and demanded that employers take a bigger role. A diverse panel of experts will explore how benefits and HR leaders are driving change within their own organizations following the national reckoning around race and inequity — and what you can do to put more pressure on your own organization to drive positive change.

4 p.m. ET

Building a Path for
Employee Financial Security

Melissa Gopnik Senior Vice President, Commonwealth
COVID-19 has magnified the issue of financial insecurity, especially among the most vulnerable. Hourly, lower-income and gig workers feel the economic impact more than most when disasters or unexpected business disruptions occur. HR and benefits professionals are in a unique position to support these employees and it doesn’t require upfront capital or hiring expensive financial wellness consultants. Before workers can experience financial wellness they need to have a secure financial foundation which includes emergency savings. How can employers help workers develop a culture of savings, and what are the most effective savings vehicles? What strategies can you teach employees to use to build a more stable financial future for themselves? Melissa Gopnik will answer these questions and more based on Commonwealth’s national surveys, primary consumer research and insights from extensive private sector partnerships.
Day 3 | Thursday, May 13

11 a.m. ET

A Candid COVID-19 Conversation:
Addressing Challenges and Looking Ahead

Sean Woodroffe Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer, TIAA
COVID-19 has put a laser focus on employee benefits as smart organizations enhanced and/or rolled out new resources and programs to help employees struggling during the pandemic. Financial services firm TIAA was no exception, with the company turning to mental health programs, remote work, stipends, backup child- and eldercare support, and even at-home COVID testing to help. Sean Woodroffe will discuss the challenges of the pandemic, the firm’s successful benefits strategies, lessons learned and what you can expect in the benefits landscape going forward.

1 p.m. ET

Leading With Resilience

Arianna Huffington Global Founder and CEO, Thrive Michael Fraccaro Chief Human Resources Officer, Mastercard
A company is only as resilient as its people. And right now, companies have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to create cultures of resilience — starting at the top. Join Arianna Huffington and Michael Fraccaro for an engaging conversation on how they manage their stress and anxiety, how they build mental resilience, and how today’s leaders can support their people in the ways that matter most.

2 p.m. ET

What to Know About Benefits
Policy in 2021

James Klein President, American Benefits Council
With a new administration and a new Congress now at the helm, it’s all eyes on healthcare and benefits policy in 2021. James Klein will discuss new policy positions on retirement, paid leave and COVID-19 — all of which will affect employers. He’ll also detail what’s at stake for employer-plan sponsors and benefits professionals as we move through 2021.

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