It’s Easy to Make the Case That You Need
to Attend HBLC 2023

While the choice to attend the 2023 Health & Benefits Leadership Conference (HBLC) may seem like an easy one to you, we understand the ultimate decision may not be entirely in your hands. So how do you go about getting your manager to approve your request to attend HBLC in Las Vegas along with the financial support? Here are a few suggestions:


Create a list of goals that align with your business objectives and explain to your boss how HBLC will assist you in exceeding your goals. Emphasize that HBLC is THE best place to learn cutting-edge trends plus gain actionable solutions and innovative ideas to drive maximum people and business results through your workplace health, wellness and benefits programs.


Show your boss that you are budget savvy. Let them know that the earlier you register the more you save! And as part of your registration you’ll be provided 3 breakfasts, 2 lunches, and refreshments and snacks each day.


Point out that you can share all the actionable guidance and new solutions you’ve discovered at HBLC and how they can be applied to your organization when you return to the office.

If you still need help to “make your case” to attend HBLC 2023, we’ve created a Justification Letter for you to use. Simply customize the letter to suit your particular situation or needs and send it to your manager to get your approval!

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