Human Resource Executive Health & Benefits Leadership Conference | May 11 - 13, 2021
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HBLC 2021 Attendee Resources

How to Access HBLC 2021
Go to to log in using your email address. The first time you log in you will be prompted to create a password to use for future log ins.
Tip: Use the SAME EMAIL that you used during registration. This is the email where you will receive a Your Access to HBLC 2021 is Enclosed email from Health & Benefits Leadership Conference [].
Do I Need Any Special Equipment to Participate in HBLC 2021?
To participate in HBLC 2021, you will only need an Internet connection (hi-speed recommended) and a supported web browser (most up-to-date version of Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari). Internet Explorer is not recommended. The event will automatically open in your web browser upon log in. If you would like to participate in video networking, you’ll need to have a working webcam and mic.
Tip: Make sure pop-ups are allowed in your browser to ensure all windows open automatically.
Is there a Mobile App for HBLC 2021?
Yes! You can manage your profile, network with your connections, and get reminded of the meetings and sessions you have booked — all from your mobile device. To download the app, search 'LRP Virtual Conferences’ in the Google Play or App Store today or click on the appropriate link below.
Google Play
Google Play

How to Set Up Your Spring
HBLC 2021 Profile

Once logged in to HBLC, you’ll see a box with your name, title and company on the left side of the screen. In that box, click EDIT in the top right to gain access to your profile where you can alter your name, title and company as well as add your headshot, a brief bio, your skills (keywords about your job, industry, interests, etc.) and link to your social media accounts.
Tip: Make your profile as complete as possible to allow the AI-powered peer-to-peer matchmaking feature to find relevant attendees you should connect with.
Screenshot picture of profile
What information in my profile is accessible to other attendees?
All participants will be able to view your public profile information: name, title, company, bio, social networks and skills when your visibility setting is turned on. However, your private profile information: e-mail, telephone and address will only be visible to those attendees you make connections with. You can turn your visibility on or off in the Attendees section.
Tip: It’s strongly recommended you leave your visibility turned on so others can initiate chats and request meetings with you.

Connecting with other attendees
Navigate to the Attendees tab and in the center of the page you’ll see suggestions of people to network and connect with. You can also search all attendees by keywords. To request to connect with an individual, go to their profile and click on Connect. Once they accept your connection request, you’ll be able to text or video chat with them as well as ask to meet with them at a specific time during the conference.
Tip: People to meet suggestions are based on your profile and powered by the platform’s sophisticated AI matchmaking feature. Add terms related to the types of individuals you want to meet with in the Get Better Recommendations box to get a refined list of suggestions.
How do I view who I have connected with?
You can access your contacts from the My Event tab and select My networking.

Browsing Products & Services at HBLC 2021
Access the Exhibitors tab for a list of all exhibiting Health, Benefits and Wellness solution providers. You can simply scroll to browse the list or find exactly what products you’re interested in by using the Search or Filter features on the left side of the screen to refine the list. Scroll through the exhibitor’s page to find any resources, sessions or demos they may be conducting throughout the conference.
Tip: Bookmark exhibitors you are interested in revisiting for easy access later.
How do I request meetings with exhibitors?
Click on the exhibitor’s name to take you to their company page where you’ll see available times for a video meeting. Click on the time you’d like to meet which will then prompt you through sending the meeting request (be sure to include a message for context).
Tip: If you don’t want an official meeting but have questions, simply use the Chat Box to talk with company representatives.
Screenshot picture of requesting a meeting

Where can I find a list of all HBLC 2021 Sessions?
Access the Agenda tab to see a list of all sessions and activities organized by day. You can scroll to browse sessions or refine the list by keyword search or by filtering the list by session type or topic. Click on the session to view details.
How do I create my custom HBLC 2021 agenda?
To create your own schedule for HBLC 2021, you’ll want to register for sessions and activities by clicking Register for the session in the top right side of the session/activity details screen or by clicking add icon next to the session title on the main agenda. When you register for sessions or activities within the platform, it adds those events to your custom agenda.
Tip: Register for sessions to receive reminders 10 minutes before each session starts!
Screenshot picture of adding a session
How do I manage my custom
HBLC 2021 agenda?

You can access and manage your daily schedule by going to the My Event tab and then My schedule. Your schedule will reflect all of your accepted meetings as well as sessions and activities you’ve registered for and can be exported to your personal calendar.

How do I reschedule a meeting?
If you want to reschedule a meeting (pending or confirmed), simply cancel it and book another meeting at a different time.
How do I earn SHRM/HRCI Credits?
All keynotes have been approved for SHRM/HRCI Credits. Certificates of attendance will be available beginning Thursday, May 13 in the Help Center within the virtual platform.

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